I am loosing my mind. I have had 2 hours sleep for the past

I am loosing my mind. I have had 2 hours sleep for the past 72 hours
Any suggestions p”ease?

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Cbd oil

Try taking a couple of Benadryl. You might want to consider getting a weighted blanket.

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@Littleturtle1000 I agree with the two Benadryl. that will knock you out. When we don’t sleep, we can’ think straight, and we feel like cowards. A good night sleep will make you see things better tomorrow. you need to come up with a plan long term.

Have you tried a relaxing bath with Epsom salts?

Thank you all, I will give it a shot. Still awake here! ☹️☹️

@Faith2019 hormones can cause insomnia like that too it’s really weird.

Ok my silly answer. It's kinda like meditation except instead of focusing on breathing, I focus on the colors I see when I close my eyes. I repeat the word hum in my head. When mind mind drifts, I take it back to hum, hum,hum... I end up drifting off to sleep probably out of boredom. Lol
True story

I have tried meditating, yoga, music lavender, working out, the hum word. My sleep doctor can’t figure it Something inside of me, like a switch, like an alarm, when I go to bed and I am very tired and sleepy and feel myself drifting into sleep, it happens a trigger, a switch is turned on and I am wide awake again. And I know it is not sleep Apnea.

I thought of something else. On Youtube you can find hipnosis recordings by Thomas Hall. Some are hypnosis, some music have subliminal messages, some affirmative responses. All for a variety of common ailments. I've been trying them for the past two month. I play them off my phone every night, and I tried different ones, all by Thomas Hall. They run for 9-10 hours. They been a blessing.

I will give it a try. Thank you

@Faith2019 Do you drink anything with caffeine in it? Has sleep deprivation happened to you before? Can you write out a list of anything and everything that might be bothering you? If there’s something u can simply tell yourself–it’s going to be ok. I’ll work on this next week (I lie to myself–lol)

It is very frustrating to want and need sleep and not be able to sleep.
As to exercise-I wear myself out. ie.; sweat on treadmill
I get a great shower
Maybe a glass of wine?? Two??
Then fresh clean sheets. A dark quiet room. Maybe rainfall or meditation music on you tube. There is also zzzzyquill (like NyQuil) but not with wine or Benadryl!
If you are worried-remind yourself that it will be ok. Pray? Helps me also to give it up to God.
I totally hope something helps you soon. Keep your dr posted–maybe he will want you to take something stronger?
Hugs. Let us know how things work out

ashwaganda helps me.

Thank you for your suggestions. By nature I am a worrier and with several issues and problems to deal with, yet I do pray and leaving it to god to sort out but with that said, it is still hard to cope with. I dread night time because I know what is ahead of me.... watching the clock ticking .
I’m seeing my doctor again as it is affecting my job. Thank you all as I feel I have drained my 3 grownup children with this on going issue so it is refreshing to have a support group to reach out to.

@Faith2019 I’m really sorry for all u are going thru. Quite a journey. I’m totally brainstorming. Sometimes when I ant sleep I give in to it and say–well if I’m going to be awake…then I’ll just get up and do laundry or clean my closet. Or read something boring…
You are doing so very many things right–just have to find the very right combo to fix this for you. Hugs

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