I am new to the group. A little confused about asymptomatic

I am new to the group. A little confused about asymptomatic shedding.

I wanted to add to my post that I am concerned about dating and asymptomatic shedding. I probably have been living with Herpes since 20s but was pretty asymptomatic until now so only was diagnosed recently. But the thought of dating after this seems daunting. Any advice?

@Dancehip Welcome to the group. A big reason the information is vague is because there are a lot of variables that are not easy to sum up. Things as varied as your stress level, wine, chocolate, coffee, and peanuts in your diet can affect the chances. Those are all triggers that cause or trigger an outbreak in some people while not affecting others. The risk is a bit like the stock market, vague generalizations are easy, specific details are much trickier and not guaranteed. I do not know what generation you are but in general the older you are the higher the percentage of people your age with HSV. Demographics are involved if you want details but between one and two thirds of all people on this planet have HSV and some people like me have and will make the choice to take the risk because the reward is a lot better than a possible case of bad acne. Please take the time to be informed for yourself but also for anyone who you date. Life with HSV is a lot like life without it. Not the same but not that different. Please read the handbook at the top and the many varied posts on here. Information is power in many ways and there are lots of us here, if not everyday, on a sorta regular basis to help. Good luck.

in a nutshell, asymptomatic is when you can transfer the virus without showing any signs. with this being said, as long as anyone you encounter is notified, you have done your part.
should they become rejective, that's their issue. generally it proves their short sightedness and lack of understanding the dynamics of HSV.

I appreciate the support. But it seems easier said then done particularly if dating is already difficult and in my generation it seems to be more stigmatized than in recent years. I am still unclear as to the likelihood of me transferring Herpes to a partner if I am not showing symptoms. It seems the websites aren’t very informative. Is it more likely to get it after you very first outbreak which for me was 20 years ago or is it after every outbreak that you have asymptomatic shedding?

first off, not much has changed. after having HSV since 1985 the stress is what YOU make it! acceptance and self confidence is key. you put too much emphasis on “Others” when you shouldn’t. generation(s) or not, those worthy will understand. otherwise, “Keep Walking”!

it is unclear because there isn’t enough data to post specifics. there is no exact formula for how/when you can transfer HSV when asymptomatic.

not sure what you mean by: “Is it more likely to get it after you very first outbreak which for me was 20 years ago”. Get What? Asymptomatic shedding occurs only after you’ve acquired HSV. When you become “Asymptomatic” (mean no sign of herpes, but ACTIVE and Capable of Transferring) is anyone’s guess and therefore telling someone is always the right thing to do…