I am new to the group. I quit Paxil 40 mg after 22 years

I am new to the group. I quit Paxil 40 mg after 22 years. It was done cold turkey by my Dr. One day I was on it, the next day I was off and on Vibryd. I had a delayed reaction of the onset of withdrawal symptoms of a full month. One night I woke up in the middle of the night and it has been hell ever since. I had only been on the Vybrid for a month but quickly weaned off it because I thought it was the problem. Now after much research I have learned you can have a delayed withdrawal from Paxil. Wondering if anyone else has had this experience. I stopped Paxil in July of this year 2019 and Vibryd a month later. I have all the worst symptoms associated with Paxil withdrawal. It is now Novemember and I feel like I take one step forward and two steps back. I have started taking Tryptophan, Gaba and Vitamin B6, trying to go a more holistic route. Any feedbackk would be greatly appreciated.

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I don't take meds myself, but I have heard many complain about paxil. I think its important to remember tat meds do not cure the mood disorder. they make it easier while you do the work

@norseduncan Thank you for your input

It's very well known that Paxil is one drug you don't stop abruptly it could send you to the nuthouse. I can not believe your Dr. Did that I don't care what he was switching you too. If I were you I would get a different Dr for starters and go see another one about what you have been going through. That's horrible what your Dr did I would be complaining on him. I took Paxil for about 15 years then switched so i know exactly what it feels like to have withdrawals from it, I went about 4 days once not taking it maybe only 3 and I was going nuts my brain felt wobbly it was horrible. I think you should talk to a psychiatrist about what happened and your symptoms or another Dr that's bs you were put through hell unnecessarily.

@Littleturtle1000 Yes I have since found out that is not the way to go off Paxil. My Dr was very apologetic, however, I do not want to go back on it and now I am afraid of all the drugs. I am in therapy, but there is only so much they can do when I am in constant distress. I have had generalized anxiety disorder most of my life. My old coping skills I learned through the years are no longer working because of this terrible withdrawal. I am set up to see an psychiatrist and am praying maybe I will get some help. How long did your withdrawal symptoms last? I have terrible anxiety that I can’t get control of like I used too.