I am new to this support group! I am 17 years old and having

I am new to this support group! I am 17 years old and having my second major surgery. I have been on crutches for 7 months and am not having surgery for another 3 months! I'm scared to go under again, I had a rough recovery when I had shoulder surgy and now I am having hip surgery. I'm scared of not fitting in and having surgery again! It's the little things I remember that I am afraid of, the sour throat, the throwing up for 6 hours, the pain I brought to my family because I couldn't do anything on my own. There is nothing I can do to prevent of that, I need to accept that! But I don't know how since I don't know anyone else who is around my age and has been through this!

Good Luck with recovery everyone! Best Wishes.

Hugs and welcome!

I was in the hospital for 177 days and had 12 surgeries. It is so hard to watch your family. My parents were so sad and had to do so much for me. We have to focus on the little moments. You don't have to fake joy, but lean into a joke if you can. Talk to them. Remember they love you. It sounds like the surgery will be rough- but you already go through one! Where are you scared of fitting in? If it's at school, milk the pity. Shut them up and make fun of yourself so they can't. And, they can't know what you're going through, so their opinions mean ****. Stay strong!

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I found out yesterday I need a hip replacement and I'm very scared. I'm hoping maybe you can talk to me since you had your hip surgery already.

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@mindexplore4 I didn’t have a hip replacement, but I do have some experience with surgery in general. I’d be happy to talk. PM me