I am new to this support group. I recently lost a loved one

I am new to this support group. I recently lost a loved one to suicide and I have so many emotions. Looking for support and ways to cope.

*hugs* I feel sorry for what you are going through.

The most important thing to start with is to forgive the person who committed suicide. You can do this by writing a letter, and posting it at the persons photo of memorial place. This is a way to give your soul and the persons soul peace.

You must understand that life can be too overwhelming , but suicide is not the answer to solving your problems. When you are overwhelmed by problems and emotions its important that you not make your heart a murder hole, and start talking about the experience, writing it all down and processing it while seeking support from loved ones. And people who commit suicide sometimes are so overwhelmed by problems that they cannot solve that they are pushed out of life and end their lives as a result.

But the thing is, everyone has weaknesses and strengths. For instance if you ask me to repair a car, i wouldn't know where to begin, a mechanic is much better at that, but if you have a computer problem, then i can solve it, then the mechanic might need my help. And in this way we can fill each other in, without having to run away from our problems.

I have had a bunch of people committing suicide near me, some of them even had children. 2 jumped of a tall building, another hanged herself. Knowing how to step over that rock of negativity and move on is important. And you do it by not giving in to negativity. Negativity is just one way to look at problems, there are other more positive and real life solutions for problems. I hope these people reach support groups, and we should call out for them as well so we can help them with their problems.

My sincere condolences for your loss. I advice you to lift your chest and just write down all your emotions and feelings, either on that letter or here or both.

You might also want to read self help books.

I suggest Dying to Be Free: A Healing Guide for Families After a Suicide


I hope you will eventually overcome and express all the feelings that you are feeling. Remember forgiveness is important. And i suggest reading the book so that you can start on your road of recovery.