I am new

I have gained so much weight I blane myself. My homelife is always up and down. My kids are growen and I want my idenity back

Thanks for posting! Now that you have made the statement what on ething do you think you can do to get you in that direction? what is one thing you did way back then that was you that you havent done in a long time?.....

Continue posting. Sometimes the best is to share information that way we can bounce ideas off each other and support you in your journey to recapture what you want. There are som many great people here and all we want to do is help.....

When I was in my early twenties I use to go out dancing. I loved it so much. But do my situation I gave up what I loved now that I am learning myself again after the children are grown I have a want to live. I bought a iPod and now as part of my workout I am going to dance. I also am watching what I eat and how late I am eating.

That is a good start. I like dancing too, only problem is i hate dancing in front of people!

I was doing so good I am a life time member of wt watchers. I am was doing so good I stopped going and now I have gained like 7 pounds back I am really struggling to get back I used to run alot even ran a marathon. But recently lost my dad 1 month ago and now I find my self eating so much trying to make up for the grief and loss. So I am trying to get my self back I have lost myself some where along the way here and are crying out to get back how and where does this happen is hard but I know it will happen one day so if any one has any pointers how to get back let me know what might have worked for you til next time.

My peace of mind, thank you for being here and sharing. I understand how weight gain can get the better of us at times, but it seems that you have such a great positive attitude. You are taking all of the right steps by getting moving with your ipod and managing your diet. That's so fantastic. Please let us know how we can help support you through this and please keep sharing with us. I would love to know how you are doing.