I am new

Well I am 35 yrs old and been dealing with depression for many years now but lately it has been very out of control. My depression has taken control over my life in every way. I do not eat or sleep and shut out my friends and family. I live with my boyfriend and we argue all the time. Our fights get very hurtful and I continue to damage our relationship. I have no idea why this is all going on but hopefully soon I will be getting the help I need and want.. Would anyone like to talk and hopefully we can see each other throu some rough times.

Hi my name is deb I'm 37. And I suffer from agoraphobia, anxiety, panic disorder, and depression. If you want to talk I'm here. Im just trying to fund someone like me so I don't feel alone

Yeah I know how it feels to be alone.. Its hard to talk to someone that does not truly understand what you are going through...