I am not new to this site, but new to this group. I was dia

I am not new to this site, but new to this group. I was diagnosed with NHL DLBCL about a week ago. I start my R-CHOP chemo on Monday. I am scared but I am strong, and determined to kick *** and take names. I got my port placed yesterday, so I am ready to go. I have a great support base with family and friends, but wanted to reach out here as well due to this forum helping me to quit smoking back in March. Yes I am almost 10 months smoke free, and feel good about that.

Hugs and support to you. Please keep us updated on how things go, we are here for you.

My Girlfriend started R-CHOP last Friday. The procedure wasn't as bad as we thought. The most annoying side effect so far is the emotional swings that the Prednisone cause. They say if it's really bad they will prescribe Lorazipam to help relax. Thoughts and prayers to you JoJo

I had Stage three NHL DLBCL six years ago and the R-CHOP worked! Didn't even receive radiation treatments. They hit me every two weeks and 8 rounds later, nothing but scar tissue. You will be tired (especially the first few days after the Chemo) but the Prednisone will make it hard to get sleep. I remember the shot they gave me to boost white blood cells felt like a hammer in chisel inside my hip bones sometimes (I was told this is because that's where the WBC are created and it ramps up production and build pressure in the marrow). I'm not saying these things will happen to you, but they may. For the most part the nausea wasn't too bad...I actually gained weight during the ordeal. The good news is you got the most common of the the NHL's and much research was directed towards it.
Hoping for the best for you! You're going to be okay.