I am not sure if this is where I belong or not Can you help

I believe I am a compulsive eater. I eat all the time whether I am hungry or not. It doesnt matter, I'll eat. I can be full and still eat. I dont know why I do this. I wish that when my body was full, I could stop eating. Often I feel bad when I eat so much and I tell myself, " tomorrow I will control myself and eat less and heathhier foods." Do you think it works? NO. I just cant do this anymore. I am not myself anymore. I have gained a little weight and feel so bad about myself and look down on myself and my body. Can somebody tell me if this is the place for me? Can somebody help me overcome this feeling inside me?

It sounds like you could have what I suffer from which is binge eating disorder. I know you feel out of control when these reactions are triggered. How long have you felt like this. Please try not to feel bad about yourself, you are not a bad person because of this. You probably would need to seek some therapy...but i would happily speak with you about my experience with it if you would like too...my email is [email protected]

Please try not to worry, you've come to the right place for support. I hope you have a good day, you deserve it.

Loads of hugs
Moongal x

I am glad to have come across this post, tonight is my fist experience on this support group and I'm happy it seems like the right place for us both cbaby09. I deal with the exact same thing. You WILL have good days and even good weeks but don't let the bad days get you down..don't be discouraged with what is going on though it's soo easy to. Definitely go to a counselor to try and figure out what may be triggering these binges for you, and to try and find strategies to control emotions when they come up!