I am not sure my behavior is caused by depression or not

i have a question about my behavior if it has to do with depression I snap at people I talk behind their backs, I have no motivation to do anything, I cry easily but I also am pregnant. My grandmother died of suicide back in 2004 and my life has been like a rollercoaster since than. Please tell me what I can do

hi angelrose I am so glad you came here to chat with us. You do bring up some interesting thoughts one of feeling depressed, one of feeling uncontrolled and one of being pregnant.

For sure not feeling motivated and not being able to control what we say when we say it could certainly be depression and put next to next with the suicide of your grandmother could be appropriate. It would be useful to see a therapist. My take on having a therapist is hiring someone trained to listen, really listen and give you feedback and chores to do to help you find insight.

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