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i am on a mnemosl pm my skinss so dryy flakkyy i no pms will be metss up till thy will go i feal so esxsorstd i do

Sorry about the exhausting nature of menopause. I went thru it for over 11rs straight. It wasn't just hard on my body, heat waves, skin, it was horrible emotionally...I already suffered from horrible depression but menopausal depression was on a level not one of my family or friends could even begin to understand! The only thing that helped me was a natural supplement called Black Cohosh (herbal). Even Walgreens carried it. It helped the hot flashes.
Also, try -even tho it seems impossible, at least to walk, stretch or get some kind of muscle movement for a 15-30 min period each day if your Dr. says ok.
Hang in there.

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thnx if i cud sea a dr i wud bt but it min thy not sean no 1 coz of cov19
but im thnin of tryn my locl helth stowe wen i can

Hello moonbean, im having bad broken open hands from so much washing, disinfectant wipes and hand gel. I started taking vitamin E again. It may be helping at least somwhat.

Sometimes i put vaseline on my hands and sleep when w a rubber glove