I am on week 3 now things are were going good. We had a wee

I am on week 3 now things are were going good. We had a weekend away together and it was amazing. Then yesturday back to the norm. We have had a rocky relationship nearly from the beginning. Years ago during a breakup i met someone connected, life happened and we went our seperate ways. Later another break up happened and we reconnected. Eventhough years have passed i cant fully get him out of my head. I told my husband about it, he thinks some part of me loves him, and i befining to wonder the same. My plan is today to write a goodbye letter to put closure on the situation. By telling my husband about it, it has both brought us closer and pushed us farther away from eachother. We are not giving up though, this didnt happen overnight and wont mend overnight. Anything worth having does take time.

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It sounds as though this person and you didn't have the healthiest of relationships, from all the breakups? Maybe the thinking about him, is more of you trying to figure out what went wrong, why the break up happened, and why he is stuck in your head. Feelings are definitely there, but I would wonder if there are more feelings than just "love", like unprocessed anger, hurt, confusion, longing etc... what are your thoughts? what does the group think?

After thinking about this issue I have come to realize, he meaning the head man was a longing 4 a knight in shining armor. I wrote a heartfelt goodbye letter one day and the next day a nasty get out of my head letter. I am really having a bad day 2day, feeling so hopeless just want this pain to end before i loose my mind.

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