I am panromantic. Today i was,for once again,asking mysel

I am panromantic.

Today i was,for once again,asking myself about my sexual orientation.So i thoight i would be a lot easier if i searched yhe web to find out what is happening with me.

I am pan.But romantic.(haha)
Is it kinda weird?To prefer cuddling rather than sex?
Is it rare?
Isn't the same as asexual or not?
Do you think anyone would love me?


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Sometimes I prefer cuddling rather than sex. But what you're talking about is much deeper, right? Is sex a necessary part of a romantic relationship for you? (I'm not sure if it is for me or not---I think it is.) I don't think it is weird at all. Feelings are feelings. Asexuality is a label like any other: People will try to neatly put you in a bin, but nobody really knows where to draw the line. If you find you're comfortable identifying with the term, and it communicates to people what you want it to, then go ahead! "Do you think anyone would love me?" Of course! (1) There are people who feel the same way you do about the role of sex in romantic love. (2) You're not any more restricted in your choice of romantic partners, except that any partner you choose ought to respect your feelings and your needs and be willing to work hard to meet them. It could work even with a partner for whom sex, rather than cuddling, comes more naturally as an expression of intimacy.

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@suprjake Thanks you helped me and made me feel better:)

I'm agree...but is it wrong for me to watch girls have sex with each h other

@godloveme I can’t think why it would be. Back to the whole “feelings are feelings” thing.