I am pretty new here, i have only posted a few times, i don'

I am pretty new here, i have only posted a few times, i don't get on here much but i wanted to say that i have aspergers syndrom and i hate it, i feel so strange and i have a fear that people i talk to know i have it, i am not the best as talking to people i feel very upset that a i have been diagnosed with this. i feel like an alien and i just do not know how to accept it and feel better about myself, i am an adult so i have only heard this in last few years of my life. it is hard to hear but it does make sense since i have no friends and have never really been good at being social.
i am just trying to find others who can help me and can tell me that i will be okay. any one else feel this way and how do you cope with feeling different? any advice and comments may help. thanks a lot.

i mostly go to therapy or i talk to my friends but i don't really like dumping my problems on people so i mostly just talk to my therapist

@luna1994 thank you for your reply, i sort of feel the same way about not wanting to bother people with my problems too.

Its different for everyone as far as how they deal with it but one general thing is to think about the things that interest you and try to connect with others that enjoy those things too. Doing things along side others that enjoy the same thing gives us a sense of belonging so it doesnt matter much if you are more of a quieter person. Try to educate yourself on Aspergers so you can make more sense of things. There are a lot of people that have Aspergers its becoming more known to people. Its ok having something different because you will have things about you that others will admire because they dont have whatever quality that you have. You will be ok and in fact better than ok because the more you learn the more you will see all of the positives as well. It isnt all negative, the positive outweigh the negative.

@Littleturtle1000 thank you for your reply and for what you said, it has sort of helped me see things quite different and i do a lot of reading about Aspergers and now that you mention it, it may not be a bad thing to be different too :slight_smile: