I am pretty sure i am not alone when i say that i am addicte

i am pretty sure i am not alone when i say that i am addicted to korean shows. i am hopelessly addicted to these dramas. and i am spending most of time watching them. however one good thing that comes out of this is my wanting to learn hangul. so if there is someone else out there addicted to korean shows and learning korean please please lets do it together i am lazy and got no motivation but i want to at least finish this milestone in my life. help!!

ive heard of being addicted to japanese anime, never korean shows. Got any suggestions?

@jayocaine yep there are so many . heirs, my love from another star, Descendants of the Sun, High School - Love On, Bride of the Century. and many more. i usually watch them on kissasian there are many other website too.

haha awesome, i'm checking it out

@jayocaine omg you just made a friend. these shows are so good and cute. i am sure you will like them too. and then we can discuss these shows. * evil laugh muahaha now that i am making one more person addicted to these shows i will have my own army of k-drama addicts*

haha sounds good, support me so we can pm

@jayocaine support mission complete. waiting for next target!!