I am really at a loss and could use some sound advice. I gotI am really at a loss and could use some sound advice. I

I am really at a loss and could use some sound advice. I got out of a marriage not to long ago in which the last 3 years had no sex at all. I meet a beautiful woman who I am very attracted to but I can not have sex. We try and I get hard and the minute we pause for me to put on a condom or something I go soft. I have even gone soft while inside her during the act. I saw a doctor and ran ALL the tests possible and nothing was wrong. He said to me maybe it is blood flow and take Viagra and over time it might restore it so you don't need it anymore. Does this make any sense to anyone? I am 37 years old if that matters.

Maybe you could try Viagra, you will need to see the Doctor so he could prescribe that. If you need support I can help and support you and chat. You can also private message me if you want but you have to support me first. I hope you feel better today.

from a woman view... no harm trying Viagra or Cialis.... after all it showed u as man willing to help the sex life perk up n amending it...
normally im cool with it n prefer the man told me he having it due health problem or his age above 45.... for me as long he knows what help him....

I dated a guy with that age he had big issues with it n don't bothered n rather followed his ego despite I had discussed with it...

try to think maybe before u did u sort of stress or what?

overall if having those pills give u hot fun... why not?

He gave me Viagra 100mg and says using t would restore blood flow to where one day I wont need the pills. Has anyone ever heard of this? And what if that don't work how can my tests come back clean?>

Yeah I have seen the commercials for Low-T. I hope you have good luck for now with Viagra.