I am really stressed. I spent way too much on Christmas and

I am really stressed. I spent way too much on Christmas and other things and I am broke. Meaning I have absolutely no money for food, necessities, rent, bills, everything! I don't know what to do! And I will not ask my family for anymore money, it makes me feel awful relying on them as much as I do. This is my fault and I realize that, but now I'm stuck.

i feel the same! spending money that isn't even mine too ... we can't change the past, but w.e can change the future. maybe make budgets for the next year, and celebrate the days you go without spending! that's an accomplishment. borrow money if you have to, but set aside an account/jar for money to pay back.

Return something? Sell something online? Take a 2nd job? I'm the last one to be advising however, as I just saw an attorney today about filing for bankruptcy. Even during 6 months of unemployment I kept paying the minimums on my credit card debt -- I really did believe I'd get a job just any minute and then get back on track with my bills. My unemployment ends in January so at that point, continuing to pay off credit card debt, while paying a mortgage, a car payment, groceries, insurance -- etc... it was unrealistic to say the least. I feel pretty bad about having to walk away from the debt I have racked up since my divorce but there is no other way out. I DO have a lottery ticket and the lawyer told me that if I win -- the winnings will go toward my debt and I can keep whatever is left over. Which is fine by me. That would be awesome. HOWEVER, if I buy a lottery ticket the day AFTER I file for bankruptcy and I win --- then I keep all the winnings and still have zero debt. Weird. It's not going to help you now -- but may I suggest a spreadsheet to help you plan your next Christmas gifting a bit better? Also, try to buy gifts throughout the year -- so you don't have to spend ALL the money in December alone. My problem with that is that I have trouble waiting til Christmas to give it to them -- and then I don't have anything to give them and end up getting them another gift. Also - the preplanning back fires on me if I lose the gift in my messy house before Christmas.

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