I am reminded of this again. I just moved to a new city. Eve

I am reminded of this again. I just moved to a new city. Everywhere I look I see obese and very sickly looking people. And they’re not all people either. So either you make time for your wellness now or you will be forced to deal with your illness later.

I really enjoy spending my time on this.
I have not gotten into the exercise part enough.
I see people weight lighting and that looks good to me.
I am almost ready to get started on that.
I am still moving and will be for at least another month. By January 2022 I should be settled.
How about let’s get ready now.
Let’s start thinking about how we want to start January!
How do you want to spend 2022?
Good question to ponder!

Where I am moving , there is a gym right next door plus a gym in building.
I see me spending time there working on building muscle.

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Yes so true have to make time to he’s healthy! That’s awesome there’s gym nearby! Going to gym more often would be good start for January for me.

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Hmm, I guess I want to start eating healthier on a more consistent basis.

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@CKBlossom yeah… I have found for myself that if I go to the grocery store and buy my food and take time to make everything myself, I enjoy it a lot more. I’ll eat that before I eat other things because it taste better. I use lots of spices for flavor. I mix The sweet and salty together. Even a little spice.
Like with my potato waffles. I can put a little salt and garlic in before I make. Then add the honey or maple syrup after! It is full of flavors!

When I make my potato soup, same thing.
How is everything going?
Do you ever watch Amazon lives?
Medical Medium will be on today making some good stuff.
He made potato pizzas the other day. I’m going to make that but I’m going to make the crust crispier.
And the guacamole was so good with a touch of lime juice on there. I’ve never done it that way before. I always put lemon because I didn’t know how to make it. The lime juice brings out the nutty flavor.