I am searching for a online support group for people who havI am searching for a online support group for people who

I am searching for a online support group for people who have had an amputation. I am an above the knee amputee (Left leg) due to a boating accident a few years ago. I have gained a bunch of weight and feeling pretty negative about my appearance. I feel comfortable about my food choices and sizes but I am lacking in energy and the motivation to do any kind of exercise.. I hate swimming and used to love to walk, hike, play basketball and softball and do these things with my son too, who in now 11, almost 12.. Any suggestions out there of exercise that may be fun and help me?????

Hugs and welcome to you! Someone in my neighborhood just got this really cool Recumbent bike , it looks so comfortable to ride.

Walking is my favorite exercise,I'm also AKA with an total hip replacement on the same side.I used to walk a lot before my hip replacement wore out also I was running a lawn care service.Mowing grass is great exercise esp.if you have a zero turn. :)

Hi Vickey,
I'm a RBKA, two years now. I've never been one to exercise before my amputation nor do I enjoy exercise now but I am glad to be up and walking as I was down for 18 months before getting my first leg.
I recently started watching my 3 year old great nephew full time and list 10 lbs in the first two weeks. He keeps me active and fills my heart with joy.
I struggle with weight and hate to diet so I eat pretty much what I want but only eat half. Even with fast food, I eat half my burger but skip the fries. I eat sides of tomatoes, pickles or olives so I don't feel deprived. I try to satisfy my sweet tooth with fresh fruits instead of cookies, pastries etc. some days I do good and other days I FAIL! LOL. But life is good and I'm grateful to wake up each morning with breath in my body.

Try to stay as active as possible and get out in the sunshine each day as it helps with depression. You can still engage in activities with your son. If uoure not walking, just shoot hoops from your wheelchair or go for a "run" in your wheelchair racing each other. If you are up and walking, then go for walks. Sometimes I will drive to the lake or a jogging trail for a change of scenery and take a walk or hike. You just have to pull yourself out of the "funk". We all go through it sometimes but we just can't allow ourselves to stay there. Dig deep! You have more inner strength than you think. *hugs*

Hi Vickey! I just joined the group earlier today and just came to realize that you and I seem to have a few things in common. I had a BKA on my left leg in January 2015, and I've had eating issues for practically my entire life. Exercise is tough for me as I'm not allowed to use my prosthetic until I can bear weight on my right foot. Hoping to see you sometime soon online ...

@Goeble welcome! It’s always good to have the support of someone who understands what we are going through. As amputees, we can share our stories and support each other when we face other issues.
I’m here to cheer you on and help in any way I can.