I am selfish. today was the first time i tried self harm. i i am selfish. today was the first time i tried self harm. i

i am selfish. today was the first time i tried self harm. i could feel my pain leave me. i don't want to stop, but i know its wrong.

You are on a very slippery slope! Many people find self-harm addictive, quite literally, in a drug-like way. Is there any way we can help you with the pain you feel?

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@buddhabob im a cutter but want to stop

Oh, undoubtedly I AM an amazing human being - thank you for noticing :-) If you ever come across any websites or phone numbers that DO work in parts of India (I know, it's a very big place) please let me know and I'll add them to the list. Do you know john2014, one of the people on this site? He lives in southern India - perhaps your next-door neighbour? We'll all try to support you.

@buddhabob of course if I find out about any websites of numbers I’ll let you know! Also, no I don’t know john2014 maybe we could be introduced!