I am sitting here on my bed, deciding what I want to do toda

I am sitting here on my bed, deciding what I want to do today. I have a lot of little things that need to be done. I think I'm going to write a list of what they are and what gets done, gets done. I have decided not to overwhelm myself. I am have been trying to have more patience, but I forget to have patience with myself. In that I have to remember that feeling the feelings of frustration, anger, and everything is alright, but to still be patient. ;)

Good for you.

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Try to enjoy each and every one of those things and be proud every time you get one done. Try to maybe reward yourself and take things one step at a time, do them for You, and be happy for yourself that you got organized and accomplished something!

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I did get a few things done, but I spent the most amount of time doing me DBT workbook. I always get so caught up in that I can't put it down..LOL ;)

I'd love for this DBT to be explained, kinda in the dam dark here :- I want a workbook!!!!

The one I am currently doing is 'The Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Skills Workbook' by McKay, Wood, and Brantley. Practical DBT exercises for learning mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation and distress tolerance. It is very helpful and not at all boring, at least not to me..LOL

I need that book, thanks for suggesting it.

Of course, happy to help. I am working a couple others for my one year project too. If you ever want to know what they are, let me know. ;)