I am so depressed. I honestly would love to take a handful o

I am so depressed. I honestly would love to take a handful of pills and just go to sleep. Sounds so peaceful BUT I know in my heart that I would never do this as I just couldnt. I am always there to do for others but when I am screaming for help all they seem to do is yell back at me.

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I have thoughts like that sometimes just drift away. You can't let those ideas win though... I'll be here to help ^_^ pleased to meet you.

Thank you..I really do appreciate your words and glad to meet you too. Sometimes everything is just so overwhelming but I know one day at a time.

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Everyday gets better when you try hard to make it a good day ^_^

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I hope it helps u to know that I feel the same way.....
I figure nothing comes easy, you have to fight. So I'm fighting my way out of this depression, I hope u will join me on the fight for your life, and your right to be happy!

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Absolutely and thank you missmopar!

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Hi.I have the same feelings and its not easy. The thoughts I call them my personal demons.They take so much energy out of you and leave you feeling alone.However i believe you and i can both fight this because of our strength and willpower.you just got to take one day at a time because it'll get better

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