I am so embarrassed to admit but my back is scarred top to b

I am so embarrassed to admit but my back is scarred top to bottom with acne scars. I think I started picking at the little bumps early in high school and I can't seem to stop. It has become such a habit that I don't even notice myself doing it most of the time. These scars have controlled my self-esteem for years. I have tried creams and antibiotics and gels as treatment but nothing seems to make a big difference. In the summer I only wear low-backed tops or bikinis in front of people that I really trust, cause I hate when people ask what happened to me... like I was in a bad accident or something. I am especially worried now because I just began a new relationship, and I am scared to be intimate with him because I feel like he will be less attracted to me once he sees my skin. Do you guys have any advice?

Be honest, you have dealt with this and are dealing with this, if he can't see past this or even think you are more beautiful because of your struggles, then he is not worth being intimate with.

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@CKBlossom Thank you so much for saying this. I certainly do not feel beautiful, but you’re right. He should see me as beautiful no matter what.

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