I am so scared and sad, i just found out I have herpes. I doI am so scared and sad, i just found out I have herpes. I

I am so scared and sad, i just found out I have herpes. I don't know what to do. I've been swing this girl and I've wanted to be with her for so long and now that we are dating I find out. we haven't had any sexual contact yet. I can't even think about how painful it is going to be when I tell her

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I just found out I have herpes too im so frustrated and I feel like it's just one thing after another. Its good that you're gonna tell her. That takes a lot of courage

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Alex I hear your pain. I was just diagnosed HSV-2 early this week by a blood test. In April 2014, I was most likely misdiagnosed with a bacterial infection, given a topical cream, used it, the sore went so I assumed Oh good doctor is right I don't have herpes. Unfortunately, it was probably just time that healed the outbreak not the bacterial cream. Long story short, I really didn't know I had HSV-2. Eight months I have been dating my gf. We have had sex and some times not always safe - we concerned more with pregnancy not infection. I haven't told her yet because her schedule, but tomorrow is the day and I am dreading it. The advice I've gotten and read is be prepared, be calm and factual. If you're visibly upset, it will tend to make her upset. And take it from there. Good luck to you, I know I feel like I need it. You see my name Devastated - I did that because that is how I feel. And it's more because of how I worry about how she'll react and the pain and worry I may put her through more so than me. Part of me thinks I already accepted the virus part, as people say it is the stigma and relationships that have me devastated

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Bless your heart!

I don't even know what kind of herpes I have... I'm too scared to get checked out by the doctor, but I got it from my current long term partner and have been taking the same medication he has.

I'm proud of all of you for being able to come out, and personally it obviously wasn't an issue for me going into this relationship that my partner has herpes... It's possible. It took me almost two years to contract from them, so the instance of transferring the virus I have is very low even with frequent sexual intercourse.