I am so stressed right now

Well today I had a ciggerete at about 11 which is later than normal. I am only letting myself have one though for today. No more than that. With work cutting my hours and moving i am so stressed. I mean at least i am only allowong myself one or two a day that something right? I used to have like 7 and then 4. Some days its 4 but no more than that. It just been tough because i want one now and I am on here writing about it so i don't go have one.

oh ahleeesha i'm so sorry your struggling. ah addiction i know is a BATTLE. have you ever tried those patches, they were very helpful for me as far as the physical urge....my lungs would be crying out for one so the patch helped that. are you needing to quit for health reasons or just because? hugs from houston kathy

Hi Ahleeesha14, I am so happy that you are here writing us rather than having another cigarette. Is there a healthy alternative as a stress reliever for you? I think that if you can find a few good things to help you along, then you will have no temptation to turn to your usual stress relief. Do you have anything else that works for you?

Hey! I cant buy the patches too expensive. I know that for a fact. I know i can quit because i have before when things weren't going as bad. I need to quit because i have an eating disorder and and I am already doing enough damage to my body. i know that i can at least stop myself from having more than one. I cannot work out because of my eating disorder because its bad for me to workout more than 3 times a week. So i don't how else to relieve my stress. I am glad i have you guys to help me stop going to one. I have only had one all day.

and you go girl…real proud of you. if you keep posting will keep those hands busy instead of lighting up…hugs from houston kathy

Ahleeesha14, let's work on other forms of stress relief for you then. Do you have a hobby or something that's enjoyable for you? What puts a smile on your face? I use so many other forms of stress relief other than exercise, such as cozying up on the sofa and reading a good book or watching a funny movie, taking a long soothing shower or bath, putting on my ipod and just laying down with my eyes closed and zoning out....these all work so well for me. Also, I will write in my journal or draw.

As well, are you getting any help for your ED?

I write in a journal, i like to read, I am working on a novel. Listening to music doesn't help at all. Taking a bath would be relaxing. Putting on a movie would be a good idea. Colring can be a stress realiver. Need to get a coloring book. I am getting help for my ED. I have an assesement Monday on a support board on here for that as well.

ahleeee.....so sorry your having all that stress, listen to puppy....lot's of great support. please let us know honey how your assesement goes on monday. may i ask what ED is? i'd sure like to lend my support for that as well if i can. big hugs to you....kathy

Ed is an eating disorder. Its been one heck of a week let me tell you but i haven't smoked for 2 days so thats good.

oh ahleeesha i’m sorry. would you like to share your week? KUDOS 2 whole days without smoking is great!!! keep up the good work i’m pulling for you. Hope your day is going better than your week has gone.
hugs from houston Kathy

That is fantastic you have not smoked for two days! Kudos!
Keep up the good work, and it will get easier with time and with developing different associations and habits.

Well i did and yesterday i amoke 4 almost out of cigs and i am quitting it will be hard but i can do it. I almost lost my job because someone was spreading lies and ppl were being plain mean.

Hi Ahleeesha14, I am so sorry for what happened at work. Is there anyone that you can talk to there about what's going on, such as human resources?