I am so tired of hiding my eyebrows. I just want them to gro

I am so tired of hiding my eyebrows. I just want them to grow back already..i wanna stop pulling:(

I'm sorry. I understand. I don't have eyebrows either. It's so hard to try to hide them all the time. I have blunt bangs, but I hate them because of what they are hiding. I wish I could stop, too.

@Dina1714 yes it iss! Its like the first thing i have to do when i wake up is make sure they are hidden …its so stressful. I wish it was easy to stop but its a little hard but not impossible…we can do it

i know biting nails isnt the same thing at all - as i pull out the hair on my head - but whenever i tried to stop biting my nails i used to catch myself in the act and immediately stop and then get on my phone and look at every social media app i could for as long as i could. I am trying this to help me stop pulling my hair out - maybe this will help you too? Stopping is so hard. You have to have immense will power and have to think about it constantly - but it is possible and we all believe in you <3

@itbealexx sometimes it works with me but most of the time it doesnt:( thank uu<3…

From Hair Loss & Baldness to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)