I am starting to get angry with him! i find myself writin

i am starting to get angry with him!!! i find myself writing these nasty emails and deleting them. anyone else that is new to NC feel like they are living between their head, heart and this forum???

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Yes. Totally. Write the email and send it to yourself. It helps when you get to read it in a few months. I've done it.

and do you look back after reading them and wonder what the heck you were so upset about?

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@ARP76 I wonder why I stayed as long as I did. Or get angry. Or sad for trusting/believing him. I haven’t read any lately. I’m not ready at the moment. I hope that when I do, it won’t bother me anymore and to be able to see it fit what it was.

@Yellowrose10 great idea

pull out your journal- I've been nc for about two months- I have no desire to contact him at all- so it does get better- over time- just write on here how you feel as if your writing to him.

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@northernbayfree wonderful idea!