I am stressed out. I put my life together through the help o

I am stressed out. I put my life together through the help of professionals and myself. But now that I am back on top of my life and career, it seems as though people are starting to show up in my life. People who weren't supportive. Some of these are my dad, even though we've been on good terms, he's starting to over step my boundaries and when I confront him he just gives me silent treatment and stuff. Then work gets affected by my depressive episodes and I'm trying to stay afloat. Then I am trying to get back into dating after abuse, and guess what, my ex decided to send me a random text. Then this friend of mine is just giving me mixed signals. I am trying to revive my passion that was destroyed and disapproved growing up so it's been hard. Does it ever get easier? This is the same thing that put me into a 3 year depressive state so I'm trying not to repeat the same things but it's like my brain is being pulled in all directions. How do you stay strong? Any useful word will be welcomed.

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You changed as far as understanding where your confusion and pain was and the direction you had to switch to.. That will not adjust the thinking of those about you. Next, step back, review the pitfalls, then remind yourself that is not what you want to experience. What is missing? You understanding them, their thinking, so your engagement with them can be of respect and forgiveness but not emotional entanglement. Learn to say "NO'" learn to say yes "when I have time", "When I have some extra bucks" Why bother with an ex-love or so called friend if they don't commit to change . They were painful experiences except that. Relate that to them simply, respectfully and except it as over. You cannot be used nor does your psyche allow you to immerse yourself in unsolvable unending problems. Know this too, the best thinkers, the geniuses the most "got it together" people have periods, moments when they are feeling pulled, beleaguered and blindsided making it necessary to rethink and think again. Letting emotions settle to get to a better place or time. PEACE!

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@dan1950 Thank you, that is very meaningful and supportive, you’re right, I should just exercise my boundaries and try not to let them influence me.