I am struggling to accept that I might be a guy, though been

I am struggling to accept that I might be a guy, though been living my life as a girl for 21 years. I've only told my bf and one of my friends. I am afraid to talk to my religious and conservative family members. Any advice on how to explore my gender identity and pursue with this accepting process would be helpful.

I guess first, what makes you think you are a guy, is this something you have recently decided or have only recently admitted to yourself? Hugs!

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@CKarma Good guestions. I’ve only recently admitted it to myself yes, after years of struggling with something that I could only word out as “I do not belong”.

They are really supportive (to my amazement) and try their best to understand the struggle I am in within my head.

That's awesome that they're supportive! If possible and if you're comfortable of course, the next step in figuring things out could be casually going out in public presenting as a male [maybe with your bf or a best friend] and seeing how it makes you feel. Just try to remember not to stress about figuring it out fast. Everything will work itself out.

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@AWOLtrooper501 thanks for the support! I might have to build up some courage to do that, but I think I need to try it. What you said about that its going to work out by itself, I began to wonder how people cope with the process with their studies or work? Its a totally different question additional to my original topic, ut started to wonder as i really struggle.