I am struggling to stop impulsive purchases. I don't usually

I am struggling to stop impulsive purchases. I don't usually splurge on expensive purchases but that's the problem. I tell myself "oh it's just $5" "oh this is under $20" and then it adds up and my spending is more than my income and I am consistently pulling out of my savings to cover my credit card bill and it is not okay anymore.

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I completely understand this, i very rarely buy anything over £25 it's always smaller price things but then it quickly adds up without me realising and that's then when the guilt can come in

Hey, I’m new here and sorry to hear you’re struggling. That’s exactly what happens with me—the various small purchases add up. I’m trying to track my spending on a spreadsheet so I can at least feel some control, but man—it’s a lot to keep track of. I see a therapist but I’m so ashamed of this habit that I end up talking about other things. I hope you find a strategy that works for you, but in the meantime know that you’re not alone. It’s hard to stop!

Same here. I’ve been working through a local 12 step program and it helps, but wish there were more with my shopping addiction I can relate to.

I am in the same boat. But I can’t pay off my cards. Been through debt counseling twice. I need help.