I am unable to contact S.G. Would like some clarification

I am unable to contact S.G.
Would like some clarification.
What and where are ALL the rules for this site?
I know selling products and services are not allowed.
Saw someone post they can't say "pray".
Also we can not suggest therapy.
Can we suggest hotlines from here? Off-site hotlines?
Can we give HUGS?
Can we suggest any treatments? Or only certain kinds?
Since most, if not all of us are not trained for therapy, what can we say?
Wishing you all the best.

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And you can email at [email protected]

I don't why you couldn't pray or give hugs, I suggest therapy all the time, but in the realm of, "have you tried therapy or has it been helpful?"

I think we are here to offer support, like what would you say to a friend?


Like that, what you would say to a friend.
Thank You for your help.