I am wondering, is there any trick to being more open and ho

i am wondering, is there any trick to being more open and honest with people. What i have found in myself, i can be open online but in person, i do tend to go more quiet. Not willing to share details or thoughts. Any ideas or thought about opening up more? From my thoughts, i feel more afraid of being judged and that often overrules my desire to share information.

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For each person it's individual but first and foremost loving yourself fully inside and out will let you open up to people in person. Some people need to feel comfortable to one on one talking in person. If you love yourself fully you are more confident and it helps opening up and not having fear of being judged by others. Also you have to really feel inside and out that people can think and feel what they want of you but it can't make you feel afraid for truly being yourself. Confidence fully in yourself and owning everything about yourself is crucial.

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@Wolfgurll thanks. I completely understand the need to love myself, all parts of me. over the past several years, i know i have become more comfortable with myself and loving myself more and more. I am not so sure of others being accepting of me.

@Wolfgurll i agree, trying to live my live and just be myself. I have to just be ready to let them go out of my life when they start to not accept me as i am. Thanks.