I am wondering what to do. In my AP Macro class we are doing

I am wondering what to do. In my AP Macro class we are doing group presentations. I have a speech problem. My teachers and I agreed I wouldn't have to speak in front of the class but I had to equally contribute. Usually I would do the PowerPoint and my group mates would explain and talk about my PowerPoint. This time through my group mates told me they don't want to do that. They want to do speeches no PowerPoint. I can't do that. I physically can't do that. People will make fun of me and my anxiety will be killing me. My group mates said I really need to get over my anxiety since I am a senior and I want to be a teacher. They don't get that I can talk to people younger than me but not the same age. I was bullied really hard because of my speech problem. Its hard to overcome when people tell you that you have no right to speak if you can't speak proper English. So I need advice on ways to get them to understand me.

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@Rose2131 I know how difficult its for you to do a presentation in front of your class... When you have speech challenges, and anxiety.... It's going to be tough, but you aspired to be a teacher.... You will have to stand in front of a class one day. Let this experience, and presentation be practice, for your Big Day, when you are a teacher. Also @ Moma-York had some good suggestions, liked talking to your teacher, to make sure, that your class is respectful during your presentation. In addition imagining your class, as you give your presentation, to be younger students.... Think Positive! You got this! Few of us can do what we really loved, and are passionate about .... You have that opportunity...... Go for it! Believe in yourself! @Moma-York, SG friends, and I Believed In You! Be strong the best is yet, to follow.... SG friends are here, to support, and be supported. Big Hugs my friend.