I am

I am worthless
I am valueless
I am a waste of life, skin and space
I am not important
I am not worthy of anything or anyone love and don't deserve love
I am not worth anyones time
I am a nobody

I feel the same way.. but I think if u make a similar list of the positive things about u it might help this sadness. I know that NOBODY is worthless, valueless or a waste, but it is so hard to see it in yourself sometimes. I hope u can see that u are worth so much!

I am not worthless
I am not valueless
I am not a waste of life, skin and space
I am important
I am worthy of everything and everyone's love and do deserve love
I am worth everyone's time

I am cherished by those who love me
I am kind and gentle
I treat my friends with respect
I am important to my "SG" family
I am magic
I am "Magic Princess Warrior"

Morning "Magic Princess Warrior" -

I hope you don't mind - I decided to correct your words and add six more lines that you forgot. You already know how we all feel about you. Never forget that.

Say good morning to "Angel" and "Kung Fu Panda" for me.

Your friend - Mike

great response Oslek! Princess... i talked to you REALLY late last night on Facebook and you were doing good!!-- what happened??

good afternoon princess, how are you now? i always love to see what you have written on your posts. i love how you started with i am. that was a good start. i am always interested in what you have to say and love how you lable your posts. i wish for you that you could write the positive things as well as the negative things next time! i know you know at least one or two. how intense are these negative thoughts and good that you could write them out instead of something else is my thought. i love you no matter what you are thinking about yourself, even if you think something negative about yourself because i know you to be kind and gentle with me and supportive and helpful and thoughtful and bright and introspective. you also are creative. love. maria your prayer warrior

could you do that Princess? Like Oslek did... take the list you wrote and rewrite it by either writing the opposite word or by adding the word NOT/... write it and see how it feels.

how many times have i told u how alike we are ? am i worthless , valueless , a waste of life , skin and space , not important , not worthy of anything or anyone's love , not worthy of love , not worth anyone's time , a nobody ? u know that's not true . if we r so alike as we have agreed then how can u b ? i think i'm pretty special . i know in my heart that u r .. my special princess . sg's special princess ..

Rain, Thanks for your reply! Its is so hard to see it ourselves and its so hard to be positive! I will try and write a positive list!

Mike thanks for your kindness, I know you meant every word you said! I dont mind that you corrected my words and added six more lines that I forgot. Yes I know how you feel about me Its just sometimes I need to be reminded by my sg friends and family! By the way I told Angel and Kung Fu Pands you said good morning earlier!

Jessica to be honest with you I was feeling like this last night but when you ask if I was ok, I thought you were referring to if I urges to self harm! And I didnt have the urge to self harm! You want me to do what Mike did, hmmm.... I guess I can do that but its be a challenge but yah I will do that!

Hey Maria thanks for your reply and reassurance! I am feeling better now! Its so hard for me to write the and see and believe positive things cuz my emotional mind is so loud and big and it can be hard to here my reasonable mind. I can try and write the positive things! Yah I agree that it is good I got them out, (instead of doing something else with these thoughts) I do love you and I will be kind and gentle with me and supportive and helpful and thoughtful and bright and introspective and I am glad you know that, and I know you love me no matter what even though I think so negatively about myself!

No Barri you are absolutely not those things at all what so ever! You are special and you are so very special to me! I do agree we are so much alike! Sense we are so much alike those things cant be and arent true! I love you!

Thanks again everyone!

wow princess in direct resonse to what you said to me, wow thanks for your sweet positive and honest reply. i love it when you do that. your honesty breaks my heart and i mean this in a gentle beautiful way. it is so precious to me to have you in my life. thank you for being my friend. i love you i really do. from your friend, maria