I been told by every woman I found on dating sites and on da

I been told by every woman I found on dating sites and on dating forums, I am ugly, worthless, useless, disgusting and need to kill myself. I even been told I am pathetic and no woman will ever want me.

I am 460 pounds due to my thyroid which I am working on getting taken care of. I go next week to see if the levels are right or not. I am also on disability for my severe social anxiety and my depression, both which makes working difficult.

I get told by people to hang in there, there are women who love bigger guys. but I have yet to find anyone. are there any women on here who can show me that those people are right?

pictures of me.


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I don't know where you live or what kind of weird chicks you meet online but I saw your pics and you are a very handsome man! I'm not going to blow smoke up your butt and say you shouldn't lose weight, but not because of looks but SOLELY for your health! Truthfully, you are too good looking NOT to get in better shape. I understand exercising is difficult at your weight, I, myself was 400 lbs when I started to lose, and at 5'4" I was a blob! Walking was all I could handle! But walking was enough! Then I bought myself some dumbbells and started lifting weights. The weight started coming off. And I have hypothyroidism too so it comes off slower but it comes off. You are far from ugly, quite the opposite! And you can believe that because I don't lie! My faith prevents me from lying as I'm taught, "there is nothing more detestable to God than a liar!" So when I tell you that you are a handsome man you can trust and believe it. I really wish you'd join our "Working On A Healthier Me Check In" thread because I'd love to support you and the others there as well. We don't compete, just motivate and support. You owe it to yourself to get healthy, and those women that rejected you will poop bricks when they see what they passed up!

@jimisgirl i thank you for the compliments, it really made my day but after 4 years of hearing the same thing from different women it is hard to believe. as for god, I am more agnostic than anything. I believe there is something out there but not what you believe there is. I swore to myself if I was ever able to lose the weight and get all this weight off I will stay single till I die. I made a promise if I couldn't find a good woman to settle down with as I am now, than when I am better, none deserve me because none could accept me at my worst which is how I am now.

I'm so sorry you had to go through this, those women you talked to were really mean and simply not worth you or your time. I'm a girl and in my experience the women who are trolling dating sites calling people ugly are just insecure. You shouldn't let random women you meet on dating sites dictate your life and how you feel about yourself. You are worth so much more! I personally have no idea what you look like hehe but I bet you look fine and handsome like @jimisgirl said. I feel like the people who judge others based solely off looks aren't worth your time. Trust me please, I know what I'm talking about. I'm not a "beautiful" or "hot" girl, but I still have people in my life who support me. You will too! & plus when you DO meet that special someone (boi hell yea you will, nope, shhhhh don't deny it pls) you'll know that girl loves you for you and not for something shallow like looks.

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And thank you so much, Yeah I know those women are just reflecting what they feel about themselves onto me. but it really gets to me after 4 years of hearing the same thing by over 80 women. And most women and guys say they need to be physically attracted to someone before they go out with them or show interest. me I am attracted to the person via their personality and attitude, not by looks. it is very hard for me to find someone like that and when I do, they turn out to be a fake.

Sometimes things don't happen for a reason! True story: my oldest daughter suffered from daddy issues because her biological dad walked out on us when she was 6. She begged him to stay but he walked out in her little face! She started choosing ALL the wrong guys, one loser after another, from the time she was14 til 30 years old. With each loser she tried to have a baby, she wanted someone to love who wouldn't leave her. Loser after loser she never got pregnant, not once! Then at 30 she met a great guy, not her normal "type" but 6 months into the relationship they moved in together, a few months later she conceived my grandson, they married, and then a year later she conceived my granddaughter. Lesson: some things aren't meant to be! No baby with any loser, 2 easily conceived with man meant to be her life partner. Perhaps no woman has come along because THE woman is waiting to come along.

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@jimisgirl that's great I'm glad she found someone who does her great. I wish I could find someone but every time I think I do she ends up turning out to be playing games.

@douges81 she was convinced she’d never have a child because she never got pregnant in all those years, and convinced she’d never meet a good guy. But I told her like I’m telling you, “everything in its own season!” Quality is worth waiting for!

Hi Douges81, do not say that.I am sure you are a lovely man, do not let anyone telling you are pathetic! they are pathetic!
It is good to take care of your health.Hugs:)

@jimisgirl then why does so many people die alone, single miserable. my mom, my dad, my grandma, my neighbor, all died alone, single, miserable and wanting to find love before they died.

and @Lily1982 thank you, but I feel I am pathetic. I put myself out there one more time only to get played and used and burnt yet again.

@douges81 I wish I had an answer that would help! There is something about you/your posts that cries out to the mother in me and wants to help you help yourself. At 51, with hypothyroidism and Lymphedema, if I can lose weight you can too. And not for some chick to notice you, but for you! For your happiness, for your sense of self worth, and for your health! It starts with you and you believing you are worth the effort! I was 400 lbs when I started my journey, and at 5’4" I didn’t carry my weight anywhere near as well as you and it just felt like I was too far gone to turn it around, but I wasn’t and neither are you! You just have to want it! You have to believe you’re worth it, because you are! I know you don’t believe in God, but I believe enough for both of us so know I’m going to pray that today is the day you realize you’re ready to take on getting to a healthier place! We both have hypo, which makes it hard, but not impossible! When you’re ready I’m here to help any way I can and I promise I won’t abandon you if you don’t abandon yourself! I believe in you! (HUG)