I believe that to avoid the "binge eating cycle" we need to

I believe that to avoid the "binge eating cycle" we need to be constantly searching for adding new techniques so that our program doesn't stagnate causing loss of motivation. Let me give you a current list of what I'm working on and report on to several group members that provide me with mutual support. 1. I've prepared an "Advantages" list for improving my disordered eating. Currently, I have a list of 19 "advantages" which I read at least twice daily so that they provide a good foundation to my recovery. Last week I read my "advantages" list goal most of the time. 2. I provide self-congratulations for anything that I feel is an improvement for my program. For instance, yesterday, my wife and I enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner at a local diner. We both only ate about half of the food, so we have an extra left over meal. Yea! If I started to eat emotionally and stopped, that's worth a self congratulation. If I remembered to do my "Advantages" list reading, I self-congratulate. Self congratulations is important because many of us have tried and failed many times, therefore we must become our biggest cheerleader when we do something right. Last week, I probably self-congratulated myself 2-3 times daily and I feel I need to do that more so I'm placing a sticky note on my computer to remind me of that need. I already have a sticky note on my computer to help me remember to read my advantages list and that has helped me a lot. 3. Sit down for all eating. That's something I do 100% of the time. 4. Eat mindfully, tasting every bite. Pausing periodically to assess my hunger/fullness. This is my newest technique I've chosen to work on and I've had variable success this week. Having difficulty paying attention to my eating while having conversations at the table. Need to learn to eat mindfully while talking. 5. Journaling: I've maintained a food journal in which I keep specific eating behavior information and write about my feelings/eating behaviors. This past week, I've only had about a 50% success rate. I find that when I leave my apartment, my large lined notebook remains behind and I often fail to catch up once returning home. Going to change to a smaller journal book so I can do a better job while away from home. 6. Keep track of all bingeing behavior. This past week, I had a mini binge last Saturday while watch sports on t.v. (always a trigger situation.) The rest of my week went well. What do you think about giving an accountability report to a mutual member or to the group once weekly. I've chosen Friday to be my day of accountability.

So proud of you for mindfully eating yesterday, that is great! What a wonderful thing to be grateful for!