I came out to my dad over a year ago, and even though he did

I came out to my dad over a year ago, and even though he didn't blow up or anything, he's not comfortable with it and we haven't talked about it for a year. I've been struggling to bring it up to him, especially because I'm having a rough time at school with crushes on guys, and he's the person I usually talked to about crushes. But I can never find the right time...I was going to talk to him about it tonight, but then my uncle was over for dinner and he (my uncle) joked about being "bi-computer" (it's a long story) and then said "or transgender computer...whatever that is" like it was stupid, PC stuff...and my dad was like "haha yeah" and agreed with him. So now I don't feel like I can talk to him, and I'm just so stressed. Any ideas about what I can say to him? Advice? Please??

Hi, I am bi-sexual myself and have also come out to my family. I’m glad you came out it takes courage I cried when I came out. I understand, you want to share your feelings that make you happy with your loved ones.I would be honest on how you feel with him. Then suggest lgbt material to understand how you feel and ease his concerns. If things still don’t go well I suggest going to a lgbt+ group, a trusted person or a school therapist.

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Thank you

@LostinLA your welcome :slight_smile: