I came out to one of my closest friends today, she was real

I came out to one of my closest friends today, she was really supportive :-) so II've now told all the people who matter to me that I'm trans, andall my ffriends have been great about it, my mum is still rather against it but it's really reassuring how supportive everyone else has been.
My friend that I told today is also the manager at work and she said if I need any time off or anything she'll sort that out, which is really sound of her.
I've got my first appointment with the psychiatrist next week, to get an official diagnosis so I can start the medical transition. I finally feel like I'm actually making some real progress.

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@Davii that's awesome, happy for you!

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That is great! Very inspiring ,It gives me a sense of hope for myself! Thank You!

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@Mikef01 I’m so glad it makes you feel more hopeful. There definitely are people who accept it. Don’t ever give up mate.

Thanks guys, it is great :-)

I just dream of the day I can look in the mirror and see a body that matches my mind!

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@Mikef01 I hear you mate, I long for that day too. I’ve a long way to go still, but it feels good to start making progress.
Have you any plans for starting your transition?

Not yet I also have severe Lyme disease. So the hormone therapy could be very dangerous. I try to stay positive and help other people that gives me a sense of purpose!

@Mikef01 I’m sorry to hear that, I hope you can find a path that works for you. That’s a great attitude and way to live :slight_smile:

I wanted to ask you something, do you get confused about your orientation? I have been for most of my life.

@Mikef01 I’ve never been confused about my orientation, I’m pansexual which means I’m attracted to people regardless of their gender. I don’t think the labels are really important, the important thing is just to be yourself. What is it about your orientation that you’re confused about?

Well that explains me! I am also pansexual, I just didn't have a name for how I felt! It is very nice to be able to be open about myself! Thank you!!

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@Mikef01 glad I could help :slight_smile: I don’t think the labels are that important, but it can be good to have a word for it and know that thereare oother people who feel the same I find. I’m glad you feel you can be open about yourself here