I can’t figure out why during the day I never run a temp b

I can’t figure out why during the day I never run a temp but as soon as it gets dark up it comes!! Right now it is 101.2!! I went to the ER last Saturday with a temp of 101.8 and when I called they left it up to me if I wanted to come or not! They said I could drive over or stay home and take Tylenol!! CRAZY!!! I went there ant they just drew labs, give ma a shot of antibiotics and sent me home! It is a 40 mile drive and I hate to drive back there just for that! My Dr and the ER acts like it is a side effect to chemo and they said I could have fever with lymphoma as well!!! This fever gets old!! When is it gonna stop!!!!!

BR ...if it was me in your shoes, I wouldn't drive the 40 miles ...I would take medicine to reduce the fever and hope that works first..the last resort for me would be if the fever kept rising, then there could be reason for concern ..
The way I see it, your lucky that's all that's going on that's negative ...for some, chemo can be very very hard ..if my doc said to me, that your only going to get fevers doing chemo, I'd sign up today! ..your doing good ..try to stop worrying about the fever ..each day you get further from your last cycle, hopefully the days improve along with your body and mind ..

Hang tough


@Irishfighter Thank you so much!!! I hate to sound like a nagging pest but this gets so old and I like to hear from y’all to make sure it is just not me!!! Will this eventually stop or will I deal with this thru my whole 6 months of treatments? Irish…my temp is good during the day then at nite it starts climbing but goes down with Tylenol and the nite sweats are so bad my sheets and pillow are soak and wet and when I say soak and wet I mean you can wring water out of them!!! Will this all eventually go away!!! I had 2 different blood cultures done cause of my mechanical heart valve and have not heard no results. One hospital said they could not give me the results but consider no news is good news! My heart DR said he is certain all this is from chemo and lymphoma!! Irish…I appreciate you listening!!