I can’t sleep. I’ve been having insomnia for years but a

I can’t sleep. I’ve been having insomnia for years but a month ago I had a mental breakdown and also struggle with anxiety and my psychiatrist has been helping find the right medication and I’ve also been given oxazepam which worked a little bit at first but I just end up awake all night now High as a kite. I’m on disability leave from work and I am panicked I’m going to be like this forever.
Nightly routine of 1-2 hours of sleep and I think of not wanting to live multiple times a week.

What does your psychiatrist say, what is the plan? This sounds awful and exhausting!

My psychiatrist lowered the dose that I just went on for my anxiety because he thinks it could affect the sleep but sometimes the medication can get worse before seeing good results. And he said I can try zolpidem which is the sleep aid I have been using for years and has always worked but I tried it last night and it didn’t work.
I have an appointment with him on Monday. But I’m struggling to get relief and totally paranoid of my bed and when the time does come to go to bed. It’s like this nightly.

@SleeplessinKelowna I feel for you. I haven’t had any sleep since I took an ambien a few nights ago. I plan on taking one tonight so I can get a couple hours of sleep. My anxiety seems to increase at night right before bed. I hope things get better for you. I’m here if you need to talk.

How did your sleep go? I actually have been getting some good nights in after my doctor lowered my anxiety dose. I’m still on oxazepam and that will be for two weeks but totally afraid what will happen once he takes me off

My sleep was okay. I took an ambien and woke up twice during the night.

@Wicky we’re you able to fall back asleep quickly? That’s great you slept.

If your meds are working at the lower dose, just let the doctor know you would like to continue at that dose for longer period. A good doctor will work with you to find best dosage.

I feel like my sleep has been getting better but now I’m waking up exhausted like I just have nightmares and dreams all night. Doesn’t even feel like I actually was “real sleeping” do you know that feeling?
He’s gave me another week now lowering the dose and I’m so nervous for the outcome

I’ve been able to sleep for the past few days. I got a refill on my medication.

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@Wicky that’s great! I’m glad to hear. Not sleeping is the worst. So envious of people who hit the bed and pass out

I went seven days and began micro sleeping at red light and got into a few fender benders. It blows my mind how I can be so tired and not sleep. I've had sleep studies and therapy appointments and take meds sometimes. It's
truly awful.

@Justmenow2020 are you working directly with a sleep therapist? I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this. This is awful and I get your pain. Are you taking any medication?

So I read this thing in the newspaper about medications for anxiety and depression causing insomnia. Does anyone else get hyper sensitive? Extreme sensitive to sounds, light, etc? I Velcroed my black out curtains to the wall with spaces where there is light and normal fan sounds unusually like drive me nuts and my ears are raw from showing the ear plugs so far down. My doc has me on a medication and it’s been about 1.5 months. But I think it’s working opposite. I’m also taking oxazepam and it’s not working.
Has anyone had something similar?

I had to try multiple medications to find something to work with me and not against me. Still only 50% effective. Improvement is still improvement though.

@Justmenow2020 ok. So it’s normal for some to work against you. I guess it’s trial and error. I have an apt with my doc this week and I cut my meds in half this morning because I know he will do that anyway. I can’t stand the feeling of them.