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Feels empathize I am battling my health problems and other thing alone, Doctors done really listen. so I am trying natural stuff to be positive, meditate and tell myself I can do this

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I believe in you

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lol doctors told me the same “theres nothing we can do” “difficult to prove” “not enough research”. I figured out my illness and healed myself, the illness became a reason I began taking better care of my own needs, listening to my body, my emotions and brutally cutting out everything that created illness in my body, not limited to my job, my family, the pain post break up, complex ptsd…my illness is/was fibromyalgia, which occured as a result of prolonged depression and immense grief. I kid you not I was so weak from depression and not eating, I could not lift my body and walking to the fridge I was shaking. This was 2020 and I had no one, literally no one. I learned to cook, ate a lot of kale and salmon, I forbid myself from crying—which triggered the paper cuts feeling all over my body.Actual physical pain, from prolonged depression. None of my friends even asked how I was. You have to fight for yourself. Cut off all people who give you reasons to feel anxious, if this is about generalized anxiety and if you can access a clinical counselor get CBT.

I have Fibromyalgia along with other things. Fibromyalgia is a tough thing to battle and an invisible 1 so nobody sees the struggle you have or they forget you struggle. Heard diet and gentle exercise dose help. I have done some short wellness/health classes must see what i have on the subject.

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fibromyalgia happens to people for different reasons, but Ive basically overcome it almost completely. It took time, not going to lie but it is possible if you let it become your motivation. Im happy I got fibromyalgia it forced me to push myself toeards my dreams, overcome my depression mostly, and break my codependency and ptsd symptoms mostly. I still cry, I still ocasionally have breakdowns, but back then I was crying every day and wishing for death. Now Im way happier, independent, strong.

yep diet helps majorly, and if you can then build your strength with muscle thats what really helps. Walking will probably lose weight which may not be what you want, but it can help if you’re getting enough protein. here’s my cheat sheet, although everyone’s body is different:

Set multiple timers for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Otherwise usually I’d forget to eat bc of memory problems/no motivation to cook. Thats why the goal is to motivate yourself to cook, usually I bribe myself with making a decaf coffee while I cook.

Breakfast: Boil/fry at least 2 eggs (which have all the nutrients you need for brain + protein). and start making food for lunch. I motivate myself to grt up with decaf coffee or matcha latte packets.

Lunch/lunch deas:

  1. rice + some sort of protein =all amino acids the body needs.
    meat is helpful for fibromyalgia or beans or chickpeas. Especially fish, is very good, I used to bake salmon (1 cut piece from grocery store = $8) with lemon so theres no smell, once a week.

  2. a kale salad (i add lemon juice, and tomato salt and pepper and raw beets and plive oil). Kale gave me a LOT of energy, and beets help cleared my brain fog. if you have chia seeds, add those in for omega 3 (beat brain fog and depression).

  3. have yogurt around, to snack on because it’s good for gut health &depression. Also drink milk, one glass every day is good—i developed arthritis for a while… yep no one believes anything lol but i was in all sorts of pain in many ways, I used to walk on the grass because my bones were hurting from walking on the pavement. I could feel my toes hurting and fragile.No one cares. no one believes.

  4. WATER. I bought a breta filter, and I actually started drinking water because I developed shingles from low immunity. I dont drink a lot of water and was severely dehydrated much better lately but try to finish one breta filter a day, because thats part of the brain fog. But usually my stomavh was empty so drinking water gave me stomach aches… jt comes down to eating .

I didnt have a car and was super weak. So I used to walk to the grocery store and carry groceries back, and that was my strength building and light exercise. I walk everywhere. lol I will never forget looking at a woman with a wrist that wasnt skinny like mine, and crying. My whole life I felt fat, and it took fibromyalgia and the extreme pain and weakness from that to appreciate fat. I literally cried on the bus, from jealousy over a woman’s wrist. Use everything that happens to you, as a step up. That my motto. I actually had the strength to swim laps for 2 hours a couple weekz ago. I was out of breath and had to take a lot of breaks, but I did it.

Keep eating, avoid sugar, bread and pasta as much as possible. Flair ups happen from greasy food as well. Nothing fried etc. Only iuse oil if on the stove top with 2 tsp olive oil max. No desserts if possible, only rarely.

stick to proteins, greens like kale and broccoli, normal fruits like banana and oranges, and rice which has all the amino acids (minus the one from proteins).

And most of all, just tell yourself “I’m doing great, every babystep is moving forward.” and a lot of the time, I would end up buying food, because I see food as an investment now. It’s like you have to spend some money now so you will have energy to work, get strong, and make more money later. Never be hard on yourself for messing up. Think long term. I believe in you, keep going.