I cannot stop crying, and I have no idea why

I cannot stop crying, and I have no idea why...

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No eating. Your just not happy right now. Yourself or life or whatever. Take a HOT shower and relax.

I am at work at the moment. Wish I could just go home and lay in bed :/

Are you on meds for depression atm?

Yes I am but I have felt worse since being on them.

You might have been given the wrong meds. Talk with your psychiatrist and tell him how you feel. Another medication may have you feeling better

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Absolutely, new med could make all the difference in the world. Take care.

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It was actually my OBGYN who prescribed them I've never seen a psychiatrist.

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@mldiettert …ok. I suggest you see your primary care physician at least. My OBGYN was compassionate and wanted to prescribe a med but ultimately said he didn’t feel skilled enough to prescribe the right one. Hoping you are in a position to bypass,your obgyn and get more immediate care.

She is my primary