I can't beat this depression. I'm giving up. I can't do this

I can't beat this depression. I'm giving up. I can't do this any more..

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I feel like I can't a lot. But you can. I'm here to talk

I've given up

I can relate to how u feel. It's so overwhelming. I am trying to focus my thoughts on more positive things since I keep hearing thoughts create feelings... not easy but don't know what else to do

I've tried reading, but I want to self harm and drink.

Hugs. Just commented on your post about your mom. I don't know what else to say except that we're here for you. Don't give up. This is NOT a permanent situation. There are ways out. The first step is the hardest.

On a lighter note, this website is jacked up and I may have inadvertently un Supported you. I will work to be a Supporter again. you are NOT alone.

Been there tried that it's only a temporary fix. You need to face your problem or its gonna eat at you like a cancer. I'm having a lot of feelings my self tonight I wanna give into them. I can't I'm tired so tired of being in a dark unhappy place. Those things you wanna do don't please. They will only hinder you not help you. I know I've done them.

Okay, just supported you again. Whoops. This sounds like maybe a silly suggestion. Look up news bloopers on youtube? They are laugh out loud funny. Not saying this to make light of your situation. Just trying to think of something to get your mind out of your emotions and thoughts.

I think I supported you back.? And I'll try to find something..

@Jadeynn Yes, we’ll be able to chat privately soon. Like I said, ridiculous suggestion but YouTube news bloopers just remind you that you can laugh. If you laugh, even just a teeny tiny bit, then there you go. Sometimes, distraction can help when you feel this bad.

Don't give up.