I can't believe this is happening to me

i was suspened all summer. a panel was reviewing my 'case' and the labor relations guy sided with my manager against me.

it is so bizarre because it was obvious she had ill will towards me. obvious. how did she succeed, i don't know. i might get a 4th step. means i will be fired and have no benefits, but an independent mediator will review my case and if they determine i am innocent of wrongdoing, i will be reinstated at my job, with all my back pay. it could take months. 8 months maybe and i could lose, and i might not even be granted the 4th step.

it is rare.

best thing is to get a new job and move on. but. you know the BUT with that. new jobs are not growing on trees right now.

i am trying to say positive. i am trying. tomorrow i will not starve. i am getting unemployment. i have a small side job. i have a two family which i could easily lose at this point. i might get a roommate tomorrow and if not i can rent this place out, if i fix it up a bit, and then i will rent a room.

this hardship makes my heartbreak, no just for me but for all of us suffering. it is a tragedy what has happened to our once strong vibrant economy.

i believe i will get a realy job again, cause the side job i have is bearly enough to live on, i believe, but i don't know when or where. i will move like a vagabond. leave friends, family, my home, my pets. my heart is broken. god help me be strong in the face of this terror. let my heart no be bitter. let me learn to always be more personable (it all happened to me because of that) i am a beautiful person with a heart of gold, but i get irritable because i suffer from a bladder disease. god help me god help us all.

Good luck.

As you stated yourself, it will be better if you get a new job. I really can't imagine that going back to this job will be any better in the future.

The job market is picking up. You may not find what you want right away. However, there are jobs that are out.

And, just remember that someone always has it worse than you.

I know what you mean about supervisors, that are unfair. From the time I started tis job, this supervisor has done nothing but mess with me. She has taken clients away from me, than given them back to me, for what ever reason she could come up with.

Last Monday they let go somw of the supervisors, she is basically one who is /has lost her job. but for some reason, they let her stay on for another couple weeks, to help with the transition. Which seems strange because they didn't let the one that was above her stay.
So we don't know if she really was suppose to or not. But her first order of business the next day was to take away my clients. My partners let me know that it was happening, so I filed agrievance with that in the complaint, along with about 3-4 more issues. So now HR is looking into it. I have to send all the written documentation I have into Hr. Which is about 200 pieces.
I don'y know if it is even worth the effort. Beause the way they are dumping staff. it will only be a number of weeks before it happens again. This is the 2nd lay off in 2 weeks. Hang in there YOUR NOT ALONE. E

I think it seems like more agencies, are doing more things that are unhonest, and ruining peoples reputation, and not caring about anyone but themselves, mostly to get out of paying unemployment.
This is the second time this has happened to me.

Almost identical