I Cant Do It Anymore...

Today, my step-mom woke up mad, and her dog keeps chewing on stuff. She told me that I was going to have to pay for it because it was my fault. I told her " its not my fault your dog keep chewing on stuff". She started screaming at me and got like 2 inches away from my face. So I pushed her away. She ended up pushing me into a wall and made me fall. My older siblings stood up thinking she was going to start hitting me. And then she open the door and told me to leave. And now she is making me pack up my stuff in my room. I don’t know what she is going to do with it or if she is going to try to kick me out or something. But I am going to make a bag just incase. She called my dad and told him to come home from work. And he is blaming me for everything that happened. He said my attitude is my problem. I dont know if he just doesnt care about me or he is in denial that his wife is a psycho.

Are you safe? Is there any place you can go? You mom’s, a friend’s house, a family member?

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No, my mom is in Arizona, and my friends live by my church my parents would find me.

So sorry that I didn’t see this! How are you? I am worried now.