I can't do this anymore. So after last week my ex come an ap

I can't do this anymore. So after last week my ex come an apologizes for not there for us when we needs help with our daughter . I don't believe his story of where he was but we're at least talking we meet a few times to talk and he came over to talk to our daughter . So we would be together . Well she blew up and took off . Well she called police which just got her admitted to hospital . They let her go and she went again my ex they told he wanted nothing to do with her and the rest of will just have to deal. The his stupid Gf starts commenting and I lost it . I can't stand this and deal with everything on my own while he sits with her and ignores his family .

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You need to be like a trashman and get rid of all the bad people(even if they are loved ones or family)/things/events, and only bring in good people/things/events.

Clearly this man is destroying your family, and your daughter doesn't even want to be with him. I don't know much about your family but i do know this much. You can love a cactus, but everytime you want to hug it, you will get hurt. And this man is causing nothing but pain for you and your family.

I just need a club to knock it through your skull that this man already chose to be with someone else instead of you and your daughter and you need to come to a realization that it's over...

Find yourself a new partner, and never deal with this man anymore. I know you want a better parent for your child, but this man cannot fullfill this role. What is she supposed to learn from him, infidelity?

You and your daughter deserve better, and you better start realizing that. C'mon get up and go, let it go do yourself a favor and leave to go and head out for a better life then this. Don't want anything from this guy anymore, you'll only hurt yourself and your daughter.

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