I cant eat i know i need to but my stomcah

i need some advice i had a really bad binge yesterday and its not that i havent eatten today but i havent ate what i would or should eat my stomach is so messed up from yesterday all ive been able to eat is a sandwhich and a bite of banana and three cookies thats it i cant eat after last night i just dont feel hungry does anyone know what to do

i do the same, eat so bad one day you can't eat the next. but i know in my case i would be so happy i didnt eat much today. ill binge and starve day after day. Take it slow drink some water and make sure you get some exercise to get things moving down there so your stomach will feel better. just know that tomorrow you will feel better, and be able to eat. your body needs to recover for now.

exercise not good idea for me i will get right back into the pattern of restricting and exercising all week and binging on the weekends no cant do it no exercise got to keep telling myself that or the sees me as becoming fat side comes out something about exercise turns me into a mad man never wanting to stop i know if i go to the gym i wont come back four eight hours and ill be on a tread mill the whole time wearing a hoodie and a beanie in a 100 degree wheather then ill come home rest for 8 hours and lift my weights for an hour and go to bed and tommorow i would do it again and this will never end and ill never be normal ever


Pretend the binge away... ;0) I know, it's not possible, but you've got to act in such a way that you aren't setting yourself up for another binge. And the only way to do that is to feed your body what it needs. It's an incredibly difficult cycle to break, but you CAN break it. :)

Hang in there!