I can't get past my husbands infidelity. He crossed my perso

I can't get past my husbands infidelity. He crossed my personal bottom line and I feel like I could never get past it. I live with constant suffering thinking about what he did and how much he loved her. I fought for him and he fought for me but he couldn't give her up and I went through hell for 6 months. She has moved on, he got depressed when she started a new relationship. He is on antidepressants and even tried to kill himself. The antidepressants have kicked in and he is happy again. On Xmas day I felt so happy and grateful that he was still here with us and chose me and his children instead of leaving us for her within those 6 months when he could of left. Xmas day is the only time I have felt grateful such as the hurt and pain. I've tried to end it with him but he sees my love for him and chips at my walls until he breaks through and gets me to love him again but I can't ever see getting past it. He says I will with time. Our latest marriage coach (we have been through 2 now) says it will take between 3 - 5 years for me to heal.

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I wouldnt stay with him. U need to get ur dignity back that he stold from u. The only way to do that is to leave him.

I've supported you if you want to pm me.

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