I can't sleep..my stomach is turning.my mind is racing. Stil

I can't sleep..my stomach is turning.my mind is racing. Still in shock..I just Dnt knw what to do

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When where you diagnosed?

Today..this morning..n I'm ao shocked I can't even cry...I'm very nauseous is this normal ? Is this a symptom that comes with it

@whymehelpme27 you will find that you will have a lot of emotions in the first few weeks and it does seem like a bad dream but it does get better just learn about it understand what it means to you keep healthy and most of all be positive it is not the end of your life

It's normal to be shocked at first. Are you currently having a outbreak?

@barefootm95. What do I do…how do I go about this.I don’t feel normal anymore…have you had it for long?


I have same ? As why me my phone won't let me post I think

@Hurt222. Yea this is the only comment I got…try again see if it will let u post it…do u feel sick?

I'm just can't sleep and don't feel like doing anything even my kids are kinda annoying me I just feel helpless a hurt and I've always cared about my looks I'm very attractive now I feel like sc of the earth when I came home from the hospital test with my results I went to the stre everyone I passed that looked at me I kept sayin in my head to them I have herpes

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Uggh! ^^^ been there. I just feel like evryone in the street its gonna notice. Uuggh :( been home since day one.

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I definitely don't won't to go anywhere but because I have two kids I can't stay at home 24/7 eventually I'm going to have to go somewhere I just don't know exactly what to do this is very stressful honestly I'm thankful for this site because this gives me just a little relief that I'm not the only one going through this but when ppl say it won't kill you that doesn't help it's still a std for life an on top of that from somebody I loved

@Hurt222 It is a hard road, but I have come to except it with time. I do think it does get better.

If you have genital herpes were your lips always dry because my lips have been extremely dry and I'm wondering is it from that?

@Hurt222 I do have dry lips, but I don’t think it is from herpes.

@hurt222 I have had very dry lips too