I cant sleep tonight . :(

I cant sleep tonight . :(

Want to chat?


Thanks .i just got a lot on my mind.

Want to talk about it, might make you feel better?


My parents are getting a divorce and my mom wants to move in with me and my baby and my mom wants me to take her side but my dad wants me to take his side to. Idk what to do

And they don't mind putting you in the middle of it? Maybe they should go to couples counseling? Or is that an option?

Thats a no go they have tried it for years. And they always put me in the middle of it. Ive tried everything. Im only 22 and with a lot wrong

What's wrong angels? Have you tried talking to them about it?

Yes i have. … ive tried to talk to my mom about something that happened to me when I was 18 and she shut down on me and then her and my dad fights alot. I was diagnosed with ptsd when I was 18 along with other disorders. The fighting bothers me and keeps me up.i just dont know if i should move my mom into my house

They caused the PTSD didn't they? How can you keep your mom from moving in? I'm sorry your mom wasn't there for you. Was it the boy you talk about in your bio?

I supported you if you support me it isn't so open.

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All 3 of them was part of the ptsd. My mom would hit me with shoes my dad would verbally and the 19 year old who is mentioned in my bio done what he did

Thanks for the support, it may take a little while to kick in. So what is your plan? The PTSD and a baby is a lot to deal with what are you going to do?

You okay Angels?